Live Events


Live event coverage at seminars and talks, outdoor events, live theatre shows and more creates multi-purpose video content.

Footage from event coverage can be used in post-event promotion to show people what they missed or remind people who attended what happened and give both a reason to attend the next event and drive ticket sales.

Depending on the event, pre-show promotional content can help drive sales and attendance. We regularly work with a theatre company, shooting their dress rehearsals and rapidly turning around the show trailer to be used across the run of the show and successfully increasing ticket sales on each show.

Filming at live events can produce content which works in one of the following ways...

General event coverage shows what was there, what happened and who was there - highlights of the event plus optional interviews or testimonials with attendees, guests or members of the public. This type of video content can be used after an event to promote the next event so potential attendees get a feel for what will happen.

Seminar / Talk filming sees us film an entire event, from start to finish, usually with multiple cameras. The event is the edited and used to recap events to attendees and give those who weren't there the chance to see and hear what happened. This type of coverage is often used post-event in paid for, members only services.


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We also combine both types together and film the seminars and make a promotional video alongside this coverage - giving you the best of both options and all the material you need to promote the show and make use of it once the venue has long become empty at the end of the day.

We cover live events with either a single cameraman right through to multiple cameras, in multiple rooms and onward to full vision mixed live shoots. We can offer additional services such as live laptop screen feed recordings to add into the edit and live streaming online for those who can't make the event.