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HORSHAM.TV is the Horsham Districts version of the One Show, presented by Lisa Brace and Connie Spain and joined by a number of businesses and individuals from across the district…

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Horsham.TV is presented by Lisa Brace and joined for on-location reports by Connie Spain. The program goes out weekly via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and is a Horsham District Council initiative.

The idea of the show is to showcase what’s happening in our district, what people and businesses are doing and help promote and develop them.

The program features individuals, businesses and event coverage from around the Horsham District – people come to the studio for a chat, Lisa or Connie goes out on location to meet people or people self-film and submit their content to the show.

Since starting in Dec 2020, the show has grown in popularity and views online and has begun regularly receiving requests from businesses to feature, which shows it’s working.

The show has featured…

  • Christmas elves
  • Wreath making
  • Virtual holidays
  • Candle making
  • Painting
  • Cocktail mixing
  • Companies including the Solid Chocolate Egg Co, Holly Stone Hypnotherapy, After Thought Gin and many more

We also filmed a series of short videos as part of a Video Making 101 series which give tips and advice for people on how to make their self-filmed content the best it can be. This was designed to help get better self-shot content for Horsham.TV from submitters and work as help for those making their own videos.

Head to the Facebook page to see more episodes and join in the Horsham.TV activity…

december daze music video

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