Aerial Drone Cameraman Jerry Laurence


Jerry Laurence has been involved in all aspects of video production for many years, working as a director/cameraman since the late 1990s.

More recently, after being impressed by the drone footage he was seeing, Jerry decided to add to his skillset by getting his own drones and gaining a CAA Permit for Commercial Operations. As the name suggests, the PfCO allows Jerry to undertake commercial aerial work legally and safely, and insured with £5m public liability cover. Drone pilots operating commercially without a CAA PfCO are working illegally and will not be insured.

Jerry established Brighton SkyCam two years ago, offering affordable, high quality, aerial filming services to local production companies such as Silvertip Films. As a single operator, costs can be kept to a minimum, while sophisticated automated flight software means that flight plans can be created and saved, and then shown to clients before the shoot and modified if necessary. The software also means he can get really smooth footage, perhaps not previously possible with a single operator, giving high quality aerial footage at an affordable price.