Paul Cooper

Motion Graphics Artist Paul Cooper

Paul is a talented, creative motion graphics artist. He likes to make things that are a bit quirky, or fun, or serious - as long as they’re visually interesting. His work is usually a mix of After Effects and Cinema 4d, sometimes with some added practical effects thrown in, to give it a really authentic rub.

Paul has been working with Silvertip for a while now, working on various animations. In his freelance life, he has worked on projects including music videos, explainer videos and online adverts. He has worked with the likes of The Washington Post, New Era Cap Co. and Mercedes Benz.

He loves a good title sequence to a TV show - ‘Halt and Catch Fire’, ‘GLOW’ and ‘Love’ are a particularly inspiring three.

His favourite film is ‘Lost in Translation’ (..or the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror)