Actor Showreel Production


Actor showreel production ultimately covers two types of showreel - the edit of existing footage featuring yourself or bespoke filmed showreel scene material, edited into a reel with or without any existing material you have.

For the first, edit only production, you can send material to us remotely via Dropbox or on DVD and give us timecodes from which we can edit the reel together or we can watch your material and cut a showreel from content we feel shows you off at your best. The first draft is sent to you for feedback and a set of amends carried out to create the final draft. this is provided to you as digital files and, if you want it - a DVD copy.

For the bespoke filming option, we will shoot 2-3 scenes with you in a day either 2 x monologues and a duologue or 2 x duologues and a monologue. We choose to focus on performance rather than multiple shots and angles because whilst the scenes should look their best, it's about you, not our flashy camerawork or editing.


Julian Gamm Showreel

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Working with you, we can either adapt scenes from other works chosen by yourself or with your initial guidance, write scenes to shoot to your strengths or simply shoot material you have written.

These scenes are then edited in full and then cut down to make the main showreel which is provided as per the edit only option above.

Showreel production costs are all variable depending on locations needed, other actors, costume hire, whether we write material or not - get in touch with us today to discuss your reel and let's give you the content to get out and start winning work.