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Music video production is the foundation upon which Silvertip Films was started way back in 2005.

From straight up, hard edged, full of energy band performance videos through to emotionally engaging narrative-led videos - we've produced videos for a massive range of acts. Metal, pop, psychedelic rock, afrobeat and acoustic just to name a few styles.

Our music video production work has been broadcast across the UK - via our account with distributor Fastrax - and around the world on various channels. In recent years, with the growth of YouTube, our videos have racked up millions of views - between them and, in some cases, on that video alone.

We tailor our music video production to your needs and budget - we might shoot a performance video with just a director and director of photography or if we're taking things up a level, we might have a separate Ronin / Steadicam operator for bigger camera moves on a narrative video or a bring a choreographer on for a danced based video.


Janet Devlin

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Talk to us and tell us your ideas for your video or we'll listen to the track and pitch you an idea or two.

If we know your budget, we'll create a bespoke idea and shoot package designed to make the most out of every penny you have, putting it all up there on the screen.

Let's create something to bring your band image to screen in full us today to start the process!