We Meet The Fugitive Doctor!


The Fugitive Doctor, played by Jo Martin, was a previously unknown incarnation of The Doctor, introduced in 2020…

She had a mysterious background which was slowly revealed over time but still maintains an element of the unknown yet to be discovered!

Since her introduction, the Fugitive Doctor has been wildly popular and fans have long-clamoured for more of the character and in 2024, Character Options have obliged!

In case you didn’t know, Geoff runs Who Corner to Corner, which is a Doctor Who podcast talking to cast, crew and fans of the show! One such guest was Al Dewar who is the Creative Director of the Doctor Who range at Character Options toys.

In late 2023, Al emailed Geoff to ask if he wanted to join him at the BBC in London to film something special…

A quick train ride later and we’re at the home of Doctor Who to meet none other than Jo Martin herself and film her revealing the long awaited Fugitive Doctor figure!

We filmed Jo and Al showing off the figure and talking about it and this clip has been featured in the Character Options figure reveal video, which you can see below.

It was a real thrill to go up to the Television Centre and meet up with Al and then film an actual Doctor and contribute something to a project that will thrill many fans!

Geoff, Jo and the Fugitive Doctor figure!

The legendary BBC Television Centre

Below are the extended edit of the filming session and the Character Options release with a clip of Jo in…-

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