Breathe HR ran their second in-person summit in London in March 2023 and we returned to film the talks, capture vox pops and make a promo video of the day…

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The Breathe HR: People First event was a full day of talks in the main room with an awards event in another room at the end of the day.

Much like the 2022 event, but bigger, this was a busy, vibrant day which was filled with exciting, upbeat talks, a responsive and enthusiastic audience and lots of activity.

This year we covered the talks with 3 cameras – one wide shot and two operated angles. We had an audio feed from the venue mics. The edit consisted of making cutdowns from the various talks and extracting highlights for use on social media.

Alongside this coverage, we had a roaming gimbal camera gathering shots for promotional purposes to make an event recap with and gathering vox pops with selected atendees.

Directed and edited by Geoff Cockwill

Talk cameras – Geoff Cockwill, Chris Carr

Promo gimbal camera by Martin Clarke

Work experience placement – Elodie Davies

december daze music video

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