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Meet the new Fugitive Doctor action figure, with the actress who portrayed the character – Jo Martin!

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In November 2023, we headed to London under instruction not to reveal what we were doing!

Meeting Al Dewar who heads up the Doctor Who range at Character Options toys, we went to the (former BBC) Television Centre to unveil a brand new action figure on camera.

This was the Fugitive Doctor – a popular, previously hidden incarnation introduced in 202 – and played by Jo Martin – who was also on hand to introduce to figure on camera!

The shoot was a pleasure and ran smoothly, we sat on the edit for a while waiting for the figure to be officially revealed and become available for purchase and the video would accompany this.

This is an extended version of the piece we filmed with Jo and a shorter clip from it went into the main video from Character Options, presented by Al Dewar.

“I couldn’t think of anyone better to do the camerawork for me than Geoff!”

Al Dewar, Creative Director, Character Options Toys

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