singer/songwriter Janet Devlin

Irish singer / songwriter Janet Devlin has forged a successful indie music career off the back of her 2011 X-Factor appearance.

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Upon leaving the music competition, Janet signed with Insomnia Music and set about launching her music to a wider audience. Sine then, she has released 2 albums and 4 EP’s.

We have worked with Janet on four music videos, various album photography shoots and sessions at the YouTube space in London.

Starting our relationship on the set of the Shy and DRS music video for ‘Beautiful to Me’ – on which Janet was the guest vocalist – we then went on to film the gorgeous ‘December Daze’ track. This song deserved an equally as gorgeous music video so we found a converted church recording studio location and filled it with fairy lights – the location, lights and Janet all added up to a fantastic looking video.

Following the success of that video, including TV broadcast, we collaborated again on the ‘Outernet Song’ music video. This video would focus on different personas of Janet and be set in an all-white studio space. Creating the different looks was a lot of fun for Janet and for us, creating a girl band comprised of 5 variations of Janet was a lot of fun as well.

In 2019, we filmed the short ‘Confessional’ music video which is the launch track for Janet’s upcoming album. This brought to life the photography created to represent this track in the album.

We have also filmed at the YouTube Space in London where Janets subscriber number allows her access. Here, we shot some poetry readings, acoustic performances and Q&As from fan submitted questions.

Working with Janet and her team at Insomnia is always a pleasure and we have been very proud of the work created together.

december daze music video

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