Motion graphics NORTH HIGHLAND

North Highland is a corporate company offering training courses for their management teams around the world.

This motion graphics animation needed to stay visually on brand with the rest of the style used across the project and communicate the information about the course and the skills it would develop in attendees.

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The visuals of the narrative needed to work metaphorically to represent the course and how it develops your skills and so the idea of a house was chosen – the foundation is built and new layers are built upon that, growing upward into the final result.

Artist Steve Hopper draw all the illustrations in the video, by hand, on paper before scanning them in for us to then animate digitally. We used additional wiggle visual effects to add life to the images and further give the effect of hand drawn imagery moving on the screen. Once completed, each image was then coloured in digitally as well.

Animation by Ben Milner.

Illustrations by Steve Hopper.

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