For this hybrid of pop, rock and electronic elements, singer Talitha wanted to focus on herself as a performer and be shot in a visually interesting location, with a loose narrative thread throughout the video.

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We discovered this fantastic location to set the video in – a mix of urban and natural scenery with decaying buildings and ruined cars – perfect for a dynamic performance music video!

Stalked by an unseen force, Talitha goes progressively mad throughout the video, represented by the destruction of her dress and the slow ruin of her make up and hair leading to a distinctly different end look, compared to her starting appearance.

We took full advantage of the location and set out to create a video which really focused on the details of the site and allowed the singer chance to perform with no restrictions.

We shot this performance music video on location at the Cranleigh Brick and Distribution Limited yard, on the Canon 5D with a 50mm and a 24-105mm lens and a Glidetrack The release was commissioned by Halo Records UK.

Directed by Geoff Cockwill.

Camera and Edit by Ben Milner.

december daze music video

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