Motion Graphics TRAVEL BUDDY

Hand drawn digital animation for the CT Sussex Travel Buddy scheme…

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The Travel Buddy scheme is run by CT Sussex and pairs up service users who want some company and a lift to town or an appointment with people who are looking to give back, meet people and get out themselves.

We were commissioned to make this animation which was scripted by Luna Russell and illustrated by Annalees Lim from Whistlestop Arts who we have worked with before.

Annalees Lim created and drew all the characters and backgrounds featured in the video. Each character has multiple faces, hand positions, body stances and so on. 

The animation work was carried out by John Charman using a mix of traditional 2D animation – so taking each image and animating them frame by frame – and technology-assisted methods which enable him to expand upon the hand drawn images by creating simple motions and poses by editing the images.  

The video was edited and produced by Geoff Cockwill

Hollywood film actor Jason Flemyng provided the voice over for lead character Wilkins

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