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We’ve been creating bespoke animations for Universal Music, notably their classic re-issue division, for a few years now…

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Unboxing videos are an increasingly popular content type online and we make 3D, animated unboxing videos to promote the boxset releases of these classic albums.

We’re sent the assets and artwork for each release and tasked with recreating the physical elements of them in a 3D, digital space. This could include basic things like a box and CD case or vinyl sleeve or, as in the case of the Wet Wet Wet animation – a bespoke pop up book!

The videos are all tailored to fit the aesthetic of the act and the particular release, so the Sex Pistols was grungy and a bit punk looking whilst the Wet Wet Wet one was deliberately 80s looking in it’s style.

We show each part of the boxset releases opening on screen – CDs fly out, vinyls rise up out of their boxes, books open and pictures slide into view, all accompanied by swirling digital camera moves and animated text.

These videos have been made for classic acts including Def Leppard, Eric Clapton, Cream, the Sex Pistols, Wet Wet Wet, Vangelis, The Jam and more.

december daze music video

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