Victoria Tansey is a sexy, exciting and dynamic performer – she has a specialized skill-set including fire-breathing, aerial hoop, fire hoop, angle grind, martini glass, stilts and dance.

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This new showreel was specially shot for Victoria and features her in action in the fantastic Cafe de Paris venue in the heart of London. A beautiful art deco styled venue with a wide open space for performance, it was perfect for this shoot.

The showreel was partly shot on the precursor to today’s Movi and Ronin rigs – the Ghost. This gave us steadicam style shots which really complimented her smooth, graceful aerial moves and exciting fire-based performance work.

We wanted to create a reel which was as dynamic and thrilling – both with its shots and its edit style – as it is watching Victoria in action. We got close to see the action in detail and used impressive wide shots to showcase her aerial dance and fire breathing as the flames burst out across the room at Cafe de Paris.

Directed and Edited by Geoff Cockwill.

DOP – Tom Blount

Hair and Make-Up – Alex Taylor

“Chandelier” by Sia

Music Edit by Conor Maynard

december daze music video

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