In early December 2014, Robbie WIlliams suddenly released an album release online with no pre-warning to his fans. “Under the Radar” was a selection of previously unreleased tracks that he wanted his main fanbase audience to hear and as such, the album was only available via his website.

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With no live shows, no full music videos and no promotion as such – Robbies choice – a series of lyric video animation projects were commissioned by IE Management to support the tracks.

We produced two videos – ‘Love is You’ and ‘Greenlights’ – to accompany the album, this is the first for ‘Love Is You’ and features love letter style imagery based off the song lyrics.

These two videos were won via a pitch we made on Creative Commission.

Last time we checked, this video had over half a million views on Facebook and close to 100K on YouTube – we’re pretty happy with both of those figures!

december daze music video

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