Photographer Chrissie Brooks

A professional photographer based in Horsham West Sussex but travelling throughout the UK for assignments. Chrissie trained at the British Academy of Photography where she developed her love and skill for capturing artistic and beautiful images. Enjoys getting the very best out of subjects. Bringing many transferable skills from her 15 career as a nurse.

Chrissie loves working closely with clients and taking the time to achieve exactly what they want, even if they aren't quite sure what that is when they first meet! Experienced in a range of photography genres including events, weddings, families, personal and team branding and products. Chrissie feels blessed to be a full-time photographer as this is so much more than a job for her. Photography is her passion and she therefore classes herself as one of the lucky minority who has found a career which does not feel like "work" and she never ever doesn't want to do!

Chrissie's favourite film is Singing In the Rain. A film about film making which lovingly makes fun of Hollywood and documents the transition from silent movies to film with sound and simply has everything, comedy, romance, beautiful musical numbers, fabulous choreography and although it was made in 1952 it is absolutely timeless.