Production Assistant Elodie Davies

Elodie has been passionate about the Film Industry, ever since her family gifted her a fake Hollywood Star of Fame poster, they found on Etsy, as a child.

Her personal influences stem from her extensive appreciation for media; from A24 Thrillers and Classic Slasher films, to independent documentaries and comedy shorts. Her favourite films are Knives Out and Serendipity, but she will probably change her mind in a week!

While Studying Media Production and Film Studies at The College of Richard Collyer, Elodie contacted Geoff about possible work experience after a Lecture he gave at her college. In early 2023, she started a Work Experience Placement with Silvertip Films, coming along to shoots up in London and editing back in the office.

After graduating College in 2024, she began as a Production Assistant at Silvertip Films.  

Elodie is keen and ready to dive into the world of Film and Video Production, she loves using a camera to bring someone’s story and words to life on a screen and can’t wait to see what her future holds at Silvertip Films.