Digital Content Creator Niki May Blane

Niki has been creating impactful content for mission-driven brands for over 15 years. She began her career as a production assistant before becoming a journalist and editor, later graduating to content strategy and design. She runs Horsham-based Big Bee Content and works with us at Silvertip Films to bring her expertise into our projects.

Inspired by the works of author Sebastian Faulks, journalist Jon Snow and poet Seamus Heaney, Niki's passion is writing in all of its forms. As a journalist she has exposed tragic negligence, shamed political leaders and (by right of passage) written on the heroics of saving cats from trees. As a copywriter and content marketer she has written about everything from male fertility to digital policing, sustainability strategy to digital transformation. For herself, she writes poetry and wedding ceremonies (for a small fee!)

With a Netflix consumption bordering on obsessive, Niki indulges regularly in movies and series galore. Ozark, Top Boy, Good Girls, are among her favourites. When it comes to movies, sci-fi, disaster films and war dramas are her pick of the crop, but she's adamant that there is no better movie ever made, than Terminator 2.

Find out more about Niki and Big Bee Content at her website