Filming should be fun…

As a Video Director, I’m in a very lucky position in that I have a job I enjoy, doing something I love – which isn’t something everyone can say, sadly.

I believe that filming is and should be fun but at the same time, I take it very seriously as do all of the team I work with.

Someone is investing their trust and budget with us, to produce a great video for them. It is not a responsibility we take lightly.

I do think though, that creating a shooting environment which is fun, relaxed and enjoyable, brings out the best in people, resulting in the best video you can hope for.

I see a lot of photos of cameramen and directors looking very serious as they clutch a camera or stare moodily into the middle distance or smugly into the camera and I wonder…why?

Why would you want to present yourself as a moody / miserable / smug / whatever? Does it make you more creatively appealing? It puts me off so what does it do for a client? Maybe it’s wrong of me to feel that way but there you go!

On a Silvertip production, we’re there – like our website says – with one aim, which is to make a great video for you. But along the way, we want you to enjoy the process because we will be.

This isn’t a place for brooding and moping, it’s a place to create with experienced and knowledgeable people who can help us make them the best video possible…see what I did there?

So next time you’re looking for a video crew, take a look at their reels and make sure the visuals fit your requirements but also take a look at the people you’ll be working with – I believe they are both important factors to consider.

Shooting the Horsham Time Well Spent “Valentines” video recently…

 Selfie-shooting whilst shooting…

Chris and Josh at the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards…




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