Raise production values on your shoot.

Every video deserves to be the best it can be. A multitude of factors will be involved in this – starting with the crew shooting it but also the idea, locations, costume, cast but also things like lighting and additional camera equipment. As a video production company, we can offer a few tips and suggestions…

Lots of music videos want a FILM LOOK and so to do corporate promos. You know the look – subject in focus, background blurred and soft. You see it in every film you watch. This can be acheived for only a small additional cost to a shoot by utilising an HD camera with interchangable film lenses. We regularly use a Canon 5D here with a selection of lenses to give us greater depth and focal range. An interview shot can go from flat and uninteresting to rich and deep. A music video will take on a filmic quality and be visually enhanced.


Using additional gear like a TRACK & DOLLY will add immense production values to a shoot. Going from simple panning and titling shots to moving, tracking shots turns a video into a short movie. Get closer to your subject in a real space rather than by using a zoom. The difference is noticable! A steadicam can add sweeping, whirling and rotating movements to a shoot. Smooth, controlled and dynamic. A great way to capture dynamic moves with ease.


A CRANE can add large-scale sweeping shots which are very effective in large, open spaces. We recently used one on a live concert and it allowed us to show off the venue, crowd and artist in a way we couldn’t with just standard cameras.


LIGHTING is essential for almost every shoot. It will lift a subject out against a backdrop and help make them the focus. It will enhance a location from somewhere with potential to somewhere which stands out on screen and looks vibrant and interesting.

Leading on from that though, of course, is the location itself. Particularly for music videos, a visually interesting location will look great onscreemn, expensive and exclusive. Even f the location isn’t hired – obtained via a contact – it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on screen.

If your music video requires a narrative or your promo needs interviews or testimonials, it is, in our experience, almost essential to use an actor or actress. Or both! Using people with little to no experience for a storyline will result in any emotion not coming across as intended and, often, bouts of laughter due to embarrassment at being on camera. Likewise for a promo, as much as your staff may know about the product or business, they will often freeze on camera and fail to bring the product to life the way they would off-screen. Hence using an actor to deliver the way you need is a great move.

It’s worth talking with us about ways to enhance your project shoot with us and we will always discuss options and make suggestions so as to help bring the best video to screen for you.

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