5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video

We’ve said elsewhere on our blog that we believe every business can benefit from a video but not everyone is aware of the importance of having a video. As a corporate video production company, we’ve learnt a few things about why video can be beneficial to a business. Here are our 5 reasons for having one…


Almost every business is visual, in one way or another. If you sell a product then a moving visual is essential. You might have a new showroom to show off and entice customers into or you might have a business which isn’t open to the public directly – like mail order – but want to show off the scale of your operation. A premises video can do this for you and show your clients how impressive their favourite retailer is. If you have a product which needs demonstrating then a short video is infinitely better than a thousand descriptive words.


The age-old saying of you have to spend money to make money is true but spend it on a video and that expenditure will come back to you. We shot videos for one online retailer to demonstrate some of their motorcycle products and they saw sales rise 600% – the videos became the deciding factor for the customer to purchase, having seen the product in action. Another company had a video shot by us to show off their facilities and staff and explain, via voice-over, what they could offer potential clients. Within days of the video being online they had received 2 sizable bookings with new clients. According to theWharton School of Business, 72% of viewers are likely to buy after watching a video due to the increased understanding of what’s on offer. This is exactly what happened for the online retailer.

Here’s a video we shot to promote the an item in the range of Spidi motorcycle wear which helped sales immensely…


No doubt you use Google for Ad Words to drive traffic to your site and boost your business but are you using YouTube in conjunction with Google to further boost your business? Google own YouTube and the two sites are inextricably linked. You may well know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world now…is it surprising with the Google connection?

Every video you put on YouTube can be key worded for SEO – in fact this is now known as VSEO – Video Search Engine Optimization – the same way your site can be, to be picked up by Google. Creating your YouTube channel and hosting your video there allows you to open up the opportunities of new business via YouTube directly but then via your site too. Embed the video on your site, rather than hosting directly on your server, will drive further traffic between YouTube and your site and give you a greater standing in Google searches due to the increased SEO benefits of the cross linking.

Videos themselves also show up in Google searches – what would you click on? A video which shows up or a text only link about the subject you’re searching for?


The more people that know about you and your business, the more opportunities for new customers. Putting your video online and working the social networks to get the video shared is a great way to generate leads with the only cost being time. If you have aFacebook and/or Twitter profile, after your site and YouTube, they should be the next destination for your video. Post the video frequently for your likes and followers to see – don’t be afraid of posting too much though. Most Tweets last for 15-20 minutes before being lost in the news feed and dying. So if you have hundreds or thousands of followers, what are the chances they will all see the video tweet at the time you put it out? Slim to say the least. Likewise with Facebook although with their ever changing algorithms, the chances of all your likes seeing the video, let alone a normal post, becomes less and less unless you want to pay to boost your post. Anyway, I digress!

If you have a video shot which has a fun element to it or is more dynamic than a traditional corporate video, then the higher the chance of it being shared. The more Retweets and likes and shares it gets, the more it shows up in other people’s feeds and the greater the potential audience.

Here’s a video we shot for RSVP Media Response which was a success online in spreading their message about their need for new staff and the benefits from being an actor and working with them…


People are impatient and attention spans are short…sorry, where were we?

Back on track…people don’t want to read lots of text on a website, I know I don’t. And if you made it to the end of this blog – thanks!

Forrester Research showed that 80% of visitors to a website will watch a video whereas 20% will read all the text. Wouldn’t you rather have that extra 60% of attention from visitors?

BONUS REASON Do any of your competitors have a video? If not, get in there first before they do. If they do have a video, what do you feel doesn’t work about it? Fix that in your video. One company we shot a regular vlog for showing off new items in stock that week, did it to increase sales, which it did but also as a…polite gesture to their competitors that they were using video in that way when they weren’t. Having a video shows an edge over other companies and an awareness of the changing media landscape around us.

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