You Shoot. We Cut.

Do you want to create more video content for your business but haven’t got the time or inclination to do so? Let us help! 

We could write a long blog post here but we’ll just get straight to it…

You want to put more video out online but you’re too busy to do it.

How about – you film, send us the footage, we edit and you post?

We’ll also work with you to develop your video ideas, plan a filming schedule, help with equipment and tips for filming and arrange the delivery of your filmed material.

Once we get your footage, we will add titles, name graphics, music, additional images, plus a call to action at the end. All the fiddly things that give a polish that take up your time!

We developed this offer to allow your business to maintain an up to date, quality online presence cantered around video-based content that refreshes each month. If your business is a regular social media poster then it is perfect to take your content to the next level or if content creation is becoming an ever growing time-sink, this package will allow you to take a step back whilst we create your tailored content.

This package should allow for your business to be able to put out a new video and animation once a week or allow, for example, one larger video output, depending on your businesses marketing requirements.


Per month: £250+VAT for up to 5 short videos filmed by you, edited by us.

Six Month Subscription : £1200+VAT – a discounted rate on the monthly cost for videos.

Take a look at some examples below of videos we have edited from material filmed by our clients.

Get in touch today to talk more to us about a monthly video production subscription package and see what we could do for you…

Turning Point – filmed by the client, edited by us

Brock Taylor – house tours, filmed by the client, edited by us

Ready, Set, Grow – promo for Horsham District Council, filmed by clients, edited by us

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