February Projects

Can you believe we are into February already? At this rate, 2018 will be gone as quickly as 2017 was!

We’ve been busy working on a wide range of projects as always…

We attended the Surviving Actors event in London, for the 6th year in a row, to shoot testimonial interviews with exhibitors and timelapse footage of the event, we shot a promo video for spin bike fitness class New U, filmed interviews and show footage for the latest Guildford Shakespeare Company production. We filmed the first few vlogs for the District Post newspaper in Horsham plus a vlog for Motolegends and we shot our first Silvertip vlog of the year as well. We wrapped up the edit of the Born Free event, made a best bits compilation edit for County Mall of all their events last year and we worked on animations for a computer software company and for a record unboxing.

Our new vlog is currently being edited, so look out for that soon. Head over to our Facebook page to see some of our recent LIVE videos on there and find out what we have been up to, direct from the team and the occasional special guest…

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