The Horsham District Mystery Trails are seven outdoor, escape room style adventures taking place across the district in 2022 and beyond…

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For this promo – our second project with Luna and Annalees from Whistlestop Arts, following the Visit Horsham District project in 2021 – we wanted to make something dynamic and exciting which captured the fun of the mystery trails and showcased some of the beauty of the horsham district.

To begin with, Luna and Annalees developed the script and Annalees drew a storyboard. We added to this with specific shot ideas we had and then all settled on the final script.

Working closely with DOP Freddie Hill, Director Geoff Cockwill jointly developed the shots whilst filming, based off the initial storyboards, knowledge of the points of the trails we would visit and a desire to get the best shot possible.

We had a cast of local residents who brought personality to the video, we brought Answare to life – the character who leads the Mystery Trails project – and we had bespoke music written specially for the video.

Alongside this main promo, town trail specific promos were edited using shots not seen in the main video and a special cinema cut was made for screening in the Everyman Cinema in Horsham.

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Directed and Edited by Geoff Cockwill

DOP – Freddie Hill

Music – Miles Russell 

Answare illustration and animation – Annalees Lim

Voice-Over – Luna Russell

Whistlestop Arts – Luna Russell and Annalees Lim

Cast – Hannah, Sohana in Horsham, Anita, Claire, Amanda, George, Michelle and Cerys in Southwater and Rhiannon, Martine, Paul and baby Tristan (and Ruby the dog!) in Steyning and Paul and Alison in Henfield

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