Revoola – Behind the Scenes

Filming the videos for the Revoola fitness app was a month long studio shoot…

Revoola is a forthcoming app designed to offer the best health, fitness and well-being video content and classes to users.

We were hired to produce this content which included filming activities such as HIIT, Ride, Dance Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Core exercises and more. Classes lasted anything from 5 minutes in the case of the well-being ones to an hour for some Ride sessions.

We filmed at Square 1 studio near Dorking, taking over the space for an entire month. We filmed 5 or 6 days a week, with three Blackmagic cameras running on each class.

The instructors each had a headset mic on and a lapel mic for a separate back-up audio feed. The music in the classes was played out live in the room and simultaneously fed into a camera to give a clean recording of the music.

We used Astera LED light tubes for the set – these fantastic tubes change colour at the touch of a button on the app in the iPad. As the Revoola app utilises a colour system based on the intensity of your workout, the studio lighting needed to reflect this and was changed live as the instructors reached different stages. It gave a brilliant, vibrant look to the classes.

We filmed almost 130 sessions across the duration of the shoot. Editing began as soon as the filming was over. Each class was edited and then viewed by the Revoola team to check the session and make sure nothing needed amending. Each finished class was produced in a 16.9 aspect ratio and a 19.5.9 aspect ratio for larger phones like the iPhone X.

Below is a short trailer for the app which features England Womens Rugby team player Zoe Harrison…

The app is currently in it’s final stages of development and testing and will be launching soon. Look out for updates on this project on our site in the future…

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