The Power of the Re-Edit

How could you harness the Power of the Re-Edit to make more use of your video content in the future?

With video content not only being one of the largest viewed media across the internet, but also now critical to your Google and SEO rankings, having a constant stream of video content being released is becoming higher and higher up a business’ priority list.

However, we understand that not only creating video content but also logistically planning for videos to be shot can be a drain on time and other resources, that’s why on occasion, we suggest a re-edit!

If planned correctly when first commissioning a video shoot, we can make sure to capture a selection of footage that in the future can be used multiple times. Say for example you want your event to have a wrap up video and have commissioned a video company (called Silvertip Films) to capture the days activities, we’ll make sure to request certain shots of experiences you would like to show off and then, after the initial event video released, 6 months or a year later, you can commission a re-edit of that footage to be a promo video for next year’s event.

Video is a great format as it allows for multiple different messages to be delivered but with the same footage captured. A change of pace, new music and new onscreen messaging and suddenly you have a brand-new video that you can deliver to your customers at a lower cost/time investment then planning a whole new shoot.

Whilst we wouldn’t say this strategy was applicable to every situation, this method can be a great way to ensure you keep releasing new video content to your customers as well as ensuring that your budgets are being used to the maximum.

Recently we have created a few short promo clips for the upcoming Horsham Piazza Italia event using footage captured as part of the Horsham Time Well Spent ‘Symes Family’ marketing campaign. We re-edited the footage with a completely new style, focusing more on the event activity than the different objectives the Symes videos had and they are now virtually un-recognisable from their previous versions. You can check them out over on their Facebook page!

Initial 2017 Piazza Italia edit…

Piazza Italia re-cut…see the different messages within the two edits?

Over the past 6 months, we have shot various events for County Mall in Crawley, rather than creating a whole new video to do a year-end recap of their success stories, we re-cut the event footage to make a new video looking at the whole range of events they do.

County Mall events video re-cut

For Bluecoat Sports, we shot a promo video which encompassed all the activities put on at the sports centre. This content was also cut down into shorter, sport specific pieces for use on social media over a period of months, to promote different activities.

Bluecoat sports cutdown re-edit of previously shot footage

If you have any archived footage you think can be used for another purpose or you are planning a shoot and want to make sure your time proofing your content, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help you repurpose old footage or plan for future re-edits!

Want to talk about a re-edit for one of your video projects? Talk to [email protected]

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