Video and Deadlines.

Deadlines are no stranger to the world of video – same with other working environments. But they don’t need to be scary and, with the right planning, a project can proceed at a decent pace with enough time to work on it without being a mad, panicked dash toward a looming deadline, that sends everyone into a sweaty, horrible mess of worry.

Give us a deadline and we’ll hit it. Every time. Unless the deadline was yesterday…not so easy then.

We need to know what your deadline is though – we have to schedule in the appropriate amount of time to work on the project and get it to you for feedback and then make any changes, all whilst carrying out our other shoots and edits. We are a multi-skilled team and can all edit so it’s not an issue if one editor has to swap for another if need be.

But if a deadline is suddenly sprung on us or changes to what has been agreed upon for delivery, then it goes without saying that we’ll work to hit it but we do need that notice to work out our schedule and plan properly to be able to hit the deadline and deliver the project to the standard we – and you – want.

You might have seen this image below, thanks to, but this is something we like to avoid by proper planning!




The same applies for shoots – we try and be flexible and can often accomodate small shoots at short notice but giving us a call and asking for a multi-camera shoot that night or to ring at 9am and ask if we can be in Manchester for 10.30am (as have both happened!) will result in disappointment. Shoots need time to prep and be ready to go ahead, a couple hours notice isn’t always enough.

So if you want to work with us on a video – and we’d love you to – give us a deadline and we’ll hit it. Just make it sensible. Until everyone has a TARDIS, we can only deliver into the near future!

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