Video Production: A missed opportunity for some?

Here at Silvertip Films, we firmly believe that almost every single business, product, venue or individual can benefit from a corporate video production.

In fact – here’s a challenge, present us a project that cannot be filmed and have a video made to explain what it is, what it does or who they are.

Anyway, video is not going anywhere, anytime soon – you only need to look at the stats about YouTube to see that. Having a video – or even videos – on your website which form part of your marketing campaign is something you shouldn’t be without and ignoring video as an asset in your marketing and PR is a mistake.

However, some people don’t seem to understand the inherent value in a video for their business and it leads me to ask – is video a missed opportunity for some? People are missing opportunities for more sales just by not having a video. We were recently looking at venues for hire for a project and turned down multiple places simply because they didn’t have a video to showcase their space properly (let alone any photos of the space). Why haven’t they got a video? Maybe they felt they didn’t need it and had enough business without…


A still from the “Flower Power” vase product video we shot.

We often see videos for products shot on an iPhone (or worse) and uploaded as a demonstration of the product. Something like this causes more harm than good for the product though – if you don’t respect your product enough to spend some money on promoting it, people will tell and they won’t respect it enough to buy it. No matter how good it might potentially be.

If you are a self-employed businessperson and offer a one-on-one service and have reams of text on your website…why not have a video introducing yourself and your service? Potential clients can view it, immediately work out whether you are the one for them or not and learn what you offer. No one wants to read masses of information on what you can do. They want to see it in action.


A still from the RSVP Media Response recruitment video we shot.

We shot a promo for a wedding photographer a while ago, footage of him in action plus interviews about him and his photography. He put it on the website and found his enquiries dropped but the bookings increased. A trade-off he was quite happy with. People could watch him and instantly work out if he was the photographer for their wedding or not. Those who liked him and were interested got in touch and more than likely booked. Those who didn’t click with him, didn’t get in touch and more than likely wouldn’t have booked even if they had.

Wouldn’t you rather have less time-wasters and more paying customers?


Talk to us and see how video can benefit your business. There is no time like the present to harness its power.

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