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What is the IDEA FACTORY? ? ?
It’s a monthly feature we’ve been running for a few months now, which is designed to inspire ideas for the creation of video content in your business! They’ll be themed around monthly events which can be good opportunities to reach customers with time specific content.
Some ideas will be more “traditional” in style and others will be more off the wall and out there.
If you want help making this content or just want us to make it for you, get in touch, we’re here to help.
Thinking of making some videos for your business for April? Here’s a few ideas to help get that content made…


The Idea Factory is in full flow now and as we come into April, we’re throwing out a few Easter themed ideas to inspire your video content creation…


Title: A Fresh Start

Easter is a time of new life, new beginnings – particularly in nature and for those who celebrate the festivities.

Idea Basis: Has your shop been refurbished lately? Will you be changing up your window displays to celebrate the start of Spring or specifically Easter? Are you re-organizing the inside of your store?

A video which shows viewers your new look could work well to fit thematically, albeit subtly with this time of year but also create a talking point about your new look.

You could create an online competition within the video – hide something or multiple things around the shop and ask viewers to comment how many Eggs they see or what did they spot that is out of place in the rest of the shop? The prize could be a product or discount etc.


Title: The Mysterious Surprise ?

Everyone likes a mystery right? Everyone likes watching a mystery right? Combine the two together for a riff on YouTube videos which would work particularly well for food retailers…

Idea Basis: If you have kids, chances are they like watching the unboxing / un-opening videos on YouTube where someone – or just a shot of their hands actually – opens…stuff.

It could be toys, it could be sweets, it could be toys and sweets together but these videos rack up high viewing numbers!

Why? The mystery and surprise of the reveal is engaging and, there’s perhaps a calming element to the videos to watch something easy going and fun.

How about doing similar for your videos in the Easter period? Perhaps someone on staff – preferably on camera – or some friendly customers can open a series of sealed boxes or packets to reveal what’s inside and be surprised by your new range that they can then sample as well!

Easy and quick to make, this could work into a number of short, YouTube unboxing style videos.


Title: Dancing with the team! ?

We all know that people showing off their dancing skills is one of the biggest social media trends going!
Well, Friday the 29th of April is World Dance Day, which seems a perfect time for your brand to try out the dancing trend with no long term commitments to full marketing campaign!
Get onboard by having a various members of staff, perhaps from different levels of your team, send in short 10 second clips on their phones dancing at their workspace. Whether it’s at the office, out on a job, or even working from home.
Then upload them throughout the day on your social media stories for continued content/engagement all whilst taking advantage of a global celebration that you can be sure will be trending across multiple platforms.
With no extra costs due to everyone filming on their phones, this idea has minimal risk! Whilst it may take some convincing to get people onboard remember to tell them that the next day, when the stories have disappeared from your platforms, no one will be able to see their terrible dancing again! (phew)
What videos are you working on for your next few weeks of content output? Tag us on them, would love to see what you are doing.
If you want to talk video with us, feel free to get in touch!
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