What To Wear On Camera

Ever wondered what to wear on camera? Wonder now more, we are here to help…

What should you wear when going on camera? It all depends on what you’re filming of course but we have a few tips garnered over the years, which might be of help when raiding the wardrobe to get ready for the action…

Our vlog presenter Emily Beach went for bright and simple in a recent vlog.

  • Wear something that makes you comfortable. Literally as you could be sitting there for a while during filming and to enable you to be you.
  • Don’t go mad with patterns and prints – we think “busy” clothes can be distracting to the viewer and don’t look great on camera.
  • Don’t wear obviously branded items. Unless they’re yours of course!
  • Stick to bright clothes if you can. Dark colours are drab and pale clothes can be washed out on screen when the lights are put on you. If you have to wear dark colours due to your uniform, then contrast that with a well lit and colourful backdrop behind you.
  • Don’t wear too much jewellery around your neck or on your ears – the lapel mic you will wear can pick up the rattle and jangle which then makes for potentially unusable audio.
  • If your staff are going on camera, make sure they’re all dressed to their best. Hunting around for a uniform that fits, just as you’re due on camera is never good.
  • We also don’t think stripped outfits strobe as badly on camera as they once did but don’t go too stripe mad, just to be safe!

There’s just a few tips to consider when you’re next on camera. Any you would add to that list?


Sarah from Bluecoat Sports wore a dark but branded shirt for an on camera appearance, which was offset by the bright colours in the background.

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