We’re running a new workshop…

Silvertip Films are running an Introduction to Videography Workshop as part of Horsham District Councils Business Training Program which will show you how to make video work for your business!

Have you started using video in your business? Do you want to take the leap to doing so but not sure how to go about it?

Do you already use video in your business? Do you want to make it the best it can be?

In this one day workshop, Silvertip directors Geoff and Mike will be showing you…

  • How to develop your ideas
  • How to script your ideas
  • How to get a good shot with your phone or camera…and how not to!
  • How to get good, clean audio…and how not to!
  • What different equipment can do to your video …and much more!

Plus we’ll tell real world examples of how video benefitted businesses that we work with.

And you’ll get out and about to film your own video for us to review during the workshop and before the workshop, we’ll ask you to film something as well!

After the workshop, a select number of attendees will be invited for a 1-2-1 with us to discuss their future video plans and see how we can help you realise them. We have 10 places available on the workshop.

To apply for one of these places, you must be a Horsham District based business, then please go through the booking process on Eventbrite as normal, via the link below. We will be selecting the attendees who most need this help and can benefit from video in their business.


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