July 21 News

It’s been a busy few weeks here…

We recently completed a series of livestream events for Farlington School including sports days and speech events. With parents unable to attend due to current restrictions, the events were streamed online for them to view. The multi-camera shoots went smoothly and were a lot of fun to work on.

We are almost wrapped up with our Whistlestop Arts videos which showcase the towns and sights in the Horsham District. We have seen some places in our area that we hadn’t seen before which has been good!

We recently introduced the new Sheriff of Horsham to the town and filmed some promos with him on his campaign to become the Sheriff at the Loxwood Joust…!

We’re filming with our friends Guildford Shakespeare Company again for another open air theatre event and looking forward to filming with an audience present.

Our work for Horsham.TV continues each month and is producing a weekly episode which takes a look at local businesses, events, people and more. Take a look at the Facebook page HERE.

Now that the restrictions are easing and things are opening up more, if you’d like to talk video with us and see how we can help you with it, get in touch!

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