The Horsham Film Festival 2020



WINNER! This is ME – Directed by Josh Pickup
The Last – Directed by David Newton
Unplug – Directed by Frank Hammond

WINNER! Quiet Carriage – Directed by Ben S. Hyland
Ring of Truth – Directed by David Kline
Joe’s Tornado – Directed by Mark Hammett

Run – Directed by Sam Bird
A Natural Code – Directed by Cristina Ceuca
WINNER! David Ralph – The Great British Custodian – Directed by James French

WINNER! Grit – Directed by Matt Thomas
Blind Panic – Directed by Sarah McCarthy
Flame – Directed by Cherelle Owusu

WINNER! The Super Fan and Me – Directed by Mark Jende and Lewis Harper
Out of Time – Directed by Edward Headen
Gaslight – Directed by Zoe Ashan

For the UNDER 18S category, we only had a small number of entries so we just have the one bumper category of nominees here…

Buying My Dream Ferrari – Directed by Luke Whatley-Bigg
Far Away Nothings – Directed by Joe Crabtree
WINNER! The Last Battle – Directed by Jake Payne
Another Love Story – Directed by Tom Gerrard
Deafening Silence – Directed by Mattie Boys

There we are! The 2020 nominees and winners!



Some sequels outshine the originals: Terminator 2, The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, Toy Story 2 and now the Horsham Film Festival 2020

That’s right! Here at Silvertip Films, we are bringing back the Horsham Film Festival! After the unprecedented interest in the first festival in 2019 the decision was easy to bring it back for 2020.

The film festival is all about celebrating independent film making talent, both locally and across the UK. Whether you are a first-time film maker who wants to show the world an idea or an experienced film maker looking to show off your skills, the Horsham Film Festival is the place to enter your short films.

The festivals judging criteria excludes such measures as equipment quality and production cost, so if you are a first time film-maker with £0 in the bank there is nothing stopping you from picking up your phone’s camera, entering and winning! In 2019 four of our winners were first time film makers! At the bottom of this page, you can see some of the winning films from 2019.

The event hosts 4 categories for both over 18s and under 18s, each with their own prizes and awards:

  • Best Drama
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Animation
  • Best Comedy

The event also hosts a special category with its own marking criteria, the ‘Your Horsham District Award’. This is for film makers that have used the Horsham District in their entries, whether it’s use of the local environment, local actors or something that links the entry to our home district! You can enter your film into both a standard category and the ‘Your Horsham District Award’ if the entry criteria is met.

So, if you have a story to tell, a funny skit or just love making LEGO animations make sure you enter for this year’s event – read on for ALL the festival details and make sure to look out for more information coming soon about prizes, partners and of course the 2020 Awards Night itself.

You can find out more about the 2019 Awards Night in this video with our regular vlog presenter Emily Beach:




  • Entry via FilmFreeway ONLY unless arranged specially, directly with us
  • Entry for early bird submissions costs £10 for Over 18s and £5 for Under 18s. Early bird deadline is October 31st 2019.
  • Entry for late submissions costs £15 for Over 18s and £10 for Under 18s. Late submission deadline is Nov 30th 2019.
  • Films should be no longer than 10 minutes (including credits)
  • Prizes are non-exchangeable
  • If you are submitting on behalf of an Under 18 entrant please notify us at Silvertip Films
  • If you have filmed in the Horsham District, please notify us at Silvertip Films


We have four main categories for you to enter your film within…

  • Best Comedy – we want to see the funniest, wackiest, most off the wall entries to make us laugh!
  • Best Drama – move us, thrill us or maybe even scare us – this is the category for storytelling at its best. It’s open to interpretation so give us something we don’t expect!
  • Best Animation – we love animation whether its hand drawn, stop motion or computer generated. Make it out of paper, plasticine or pixels – whatever you want!
  • Best Documentary – celebrate the Horsham district and it’s places, people and activities within this category. Tell us their story, bring it to life on screen.

We also have our special category for films which celebrate the Horsham District whether it be in the locations used or within the stories told. This is the Your District Award – so get out there and make use of all there is in the Horsham District to produce your film!

You CAN also enter a Horsham District-filmed film into Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Animation OR Best Documentary as well. 

If your film was NOT filmed in the Horsham District, please DO NOT enter the Your District category but you CAN still enter into Best Comedy, Best Drama, Best Animation OR Best Documentary.


We have two age groups for entry…

  • UNDER 18s – if you have a camera and are under 18, we want to hear from you!
  • OVER 18s – if you’re over 18 and have a camera, we want to hear from you too!


If you want to be kept up to date with the Horsham Film Festival and everything happening with it, then please join our mailing list or  ‘like’ our Facebook page for the most up to date information. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.


If you are making a film specially to enter into the Horsham Film Festival, get out and get shooting between June 3rd 2019 and November 30th 2019 – that’s six whole months to plan and produce, go into production and enter post-production before getting your film to us.

However – if your film has already started shooting before this time frame, has entered post-production within this time frame or is already finished then we would still like to see it submitted to the festival!


Submissions are accepted between 3rd June 2019 and November 30th 2019. 

We can accept submissions via Film Freeway so you can submit through here now if you have shot your film already or submit through here later in the year, when your film is finished.

If you can’t use Film Freeway, please contact us to arrange a special submission direct to us.

Films should run for a maximum of TEN MINUTES and no longer!

Entry fees are applicable this year for all films. Over 18 entries are £10 and Under 18 entries are £5. There is a late entry window from December 1st to 31st as well during which entries for Over 18s are £20 and Under 18s are £10.


Once all the films are in, the judges will sit down throughout December 1st 2018 and January 11th 2019 to watch, enjoy and deliberate the films received to make their shortlist of best films.


If your film is shortlisted for the festival, we will notify you before January 31st 2019. If your film isn’t accepted, we will inform you as well.


The screening event for the shortlisted films and the subsequent winner announcements will take place on 13th February 2020 and will be happening at The Capitol Theatre in Horsham, West Sussex.

Nick Mowat, General Manager of The Capitol, said:
We are delighted to be working with Silvertip Films and hosting Horsham Film Festival 2020 at The Capitol. The 2019 Festival was a huge hit with film makers and fans and we’re planning on making this one even bigger.

Tickets are now available for the awards night and can be purchased via this link – will we see you there?!


We will be offering a range of prizes to the winning films at the Film Festival event as well as great PR coverage for the winners!

In 2019, we had over £7000 worth of prizes including camera accessories, cinema tickets, meal vouchers, holidays, books and more plus video commissions for some of the winners. There was also coverage for the winners in the District Post newspaper, All About Horsham magazine, the County Times newspaper and Horsham Pages magazine plus coverage on various websites as well.

Details on what will be on offer in 2020 will be made available throughout the duration of the event. Prizes will be awarded to the winning films, not individual members of the film-making team – and these will be non-exchangeable. These prizes are subject to change without notice although any updates will be listed here.

Already offering prizes for the 2020 winners are…


  • Manfrotto – will provide camera accessory equipment TBC
  • Michael Wiese Productions – filmmaking books for ALL winners across ALL categories
  • South Lodge Hotel and Spa – an overnight stay at the hotel, use of the spa and dinner and breakfast (TBC) for the Over 18 Best Comedy winner
  • Firebird Brewery – locally brewed  beer giftboxes for ALL Over 18 winners
  • Cocoa Loco – locally made chocolate gift boxes for the winners of the Over 18 Best Comedy, Best Drama and Your District categories
  • Dorling Kindsersley – film-themed books including Avengers and Star Wars for winners across various categories
  • Horsham Bedding Centre (Jones & Tomlin) – providing two, high quality, mega comfortable pillows, ideal for your next sofa-based movie night!


We are actively looking for businesses (or individuals) to come on board the Film Festival and offer prizes in exchange for considerable exposure online and in print via our Media Partner. If your business would be interested in talking further with us about these opportunities, then please take a look at our Statistics Document which details the exposure achieved in the 2019 event and our Sponsorship document which details what we are looking to receive, and give, to our event partners. Alternatively you can email us on [email protected] to talk further.


We are pleased to announce that the following people are joining our judging panel for the Film Festival. More names to be announced in the near future as well…

  • Geoff Cockwill – Director and Producer at Silvertip Films
  • Chris Croucher – Producer on Downton Abbey, The Halcyon and The Innocents


Our ongoing charity partner is Springboard – the childrens charity based in Horsham and Crawley, West Sussex. We will be donating a percentage of the ticket sales from the live festival event to the charity as part of our commitment to helping them with video and fundraising.


  • Films can be shot anywhere and submitted, however…
  • Any films which are partly or fully shot within Horsham District will be eligible to win the Your District award in each age group, this is the award that celebrates our District by making great use of our locations or acting talent or telling interesting stories about the area. Horsham District covers Horsham, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Storrington, Steyning, Henfield, Rusper, Warnham, Colgate, Slinfold, Broadbridge Heath, Itchingfield, Southwater, Nuthurst, Lower Beeding, Shipley, Cowfold, West Grinstead, West Chilington, Thakeham, Ashington, Ashurst, Shermanbury, Woodmancote, Upper Beeding, Bramber, Wiston, Washington, Coldwaltham, Parham, Amberley, Rudgewick.
  • We will want to see some proof of shooting within the District so we can incorporate that into potential promotional material around the festival and its entries.
  • Films must be 5-10 minutes maximum runtime
  • Your productions must not break any laws during filming! Be safe, be careful and be respectful.
  • You must obtain permission for all locations you film at and you must also obtain release consent forms from all actors and people involved in your film
  • Prizes awarded are per category, per film – not per group member. There are no duplicate prizes for winning films with multiple crew members.
  • All prizes are final, there are no cash prize alternatives.
  • By signing up to the film festival, you agree that clips / stills from your film may be used for event promotional material, as well as being used at the film festival awards ceremony.


  • We are here to help you with your film production – join our Facebook Group Silvertip Films Insider and you can communicate with us, privately in a closed group, and receive help, advice, tips and more.
  • What we can’t do however, is read your scripts and provide input into them – it isn’t fair on the other entrants.
  • All other updates, information and details will be posted on the Silvertip Films Facebook page and on our main website and communicated to you via mailing list.
  • We can’t provide equipment, insurance or any editing facilities.
  • During the lifetime of the festival, we will be featuring reports, updates and mentions on randomly selected entrants and their productions in the Silvertip Films vlog and on our blog and Facebook pages and live streams.
  • After the event, we will be giving further exposure to the winners and runners up with things including, but not limited to or guaranteed to be -a interviews, live stream features, blog articles, press coverage and more.
  • We want to create a community of filmmakers in this district who can help each other, support each other, work together and come together over a mutual love of film and our district.
  • We’re always on the look out for new crew and new talent so be sure to be proactive during the event period and be putting your best production skills to work in making your film.

That’s everything for now – send us your films or get out there and start shooting! We can’t wait to see what you have to show us!

If you’re getting involved, use the hashtag #horshamfilmfestival20 or #HFF20 so we can find you on social media or just tag us on one of our social media platforms!

Sign up to our mailing list to keep updated on Horsham Film Festival goings on…

  • We'd like to get permission to periodically contact you in the future with information about our services.
    For more information please see our Privacy Policy


OVER 18s BEST DOCUMENTARY WINNER – Horsham Park Run by Mike Hibberd

UNDER 18s YOUR DISTRICT WINNER – Project Kino by Tom Gerrard

OVER 18s BEST ANIMATION WINNER – Flicker by Conrad Moody

OVER 18s BEST COMEDY WINNER – Sticks by Syd Heather

OVER 18s BEST DRAMA WINNER – The Water’s Edge by Nick Sneath

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