ORCA Bags OR-62 Video Review

We’re back with another video production equipment review…

We’ve been testing out the ORCA OR-62 Dual Light Bag and OR-70 Wheeled Trolley system…

Presenter Emily Beach is back with another Silvertip video review, this time with the ORCA OR-62 Dual Lighting bag.

The bag is meant to store two large LED panel lights but we could fit out 3 x LED panels from F&V in quite nicely which was a bonus.

The video review is slightly off the wall but we like that and hope you do too. Stick through to the end for a little post-credits action as well.

Take a look at our video production equipment review to find out further information about the bag and what we thought of it!

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Visit ORCA online to see their full range of bags and accessories!

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