Covid-19 and Silvertip Films

As we all get used to life with the global Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to write about where we are and what we are doing here at Silvertip Films and how we can still continue to help you with video production work particularly after the update on Lockdown which was announced 10.5.20.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement on May 10th, and subsequently released guidelines for filming, we now feel it is acceptable to resume filming production work providing safety measures are taken.

Whilst we can work at home and edit work, we aren’t able to achieve the majority of our work unless we are out onsite filming.

During lockdown, we have filmed content for a schools online learning program and the filming sessions involved minimal crew, social distancing being observed, gloves and masks. We  believe this approach is workable to carry out filming sessions and we have also seen this approach in effect on official NHS video shoots during lockdown.

Alongside that, we are continuing to work on any pre-production and editing which is ongoing. We are still accessible via email or phone at any time of the day as well.

We have been taking on a number of editing projects involving self-filmed material which we have then edited, added titles, music, graphics etc too.

If you want to send us material to edit, add titles, music etc then we can also do that. This can be a new edit of your acting material into a new showreel or a professional polish to self-shot material. Talking of which, if you want to film yourself using your phone and want some tips and advice, then get in touch to talk further with us.

We’re in this together and hope the world can continue to work and turn as normally as possible whilst these events transpire. 

We hope to work with you soon. Thanks for reading.

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