Maximize Your Videos for Social Media

We can help format your videos to get the most out of them on your social media platforms…


Once your video has been finished and signed off, the next step is to get it seen of course.

You likely have multiple social media platforms your content is output to but did you know that various platforms want their video content differently to other platforms?

We are now offering an additional editing service to format your video(s) for all social media platforms or whichever ones you specifically use.

We have a video below to visualise the formats we are talking about but here’s the info…

Standard 16.9 Widescreen video with optional subtitles – this is the traditional format for video, uploaded to your platform of choice with the subtitles able to be turned on or off as chosen by the viewer, depending on whether they have their sound turned on or not. This option works on Facebook and YouTube. We can help create the subtitle file which can then be uploaded from one platform to another.

Standard 16.9 Widescreen video with subtitles burnt in – some platforms don’t have subtitle options or perhaps you want your viewer to read what’s being said in the video on the assumption they will have the sound off (80% of viewers do apparently) or maybe you are showing the video at an event and can’t have the audio on and so subtitles which are burnt into the video will benefit you here. This option works well for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and, if you want, Facebook too.

Square “Meme” style video – this is a 4.3 square formatted video which takes the 16.9 widescreen video and shrinks it to fit the reduced screen area. This is ideal for Instagram, Facebook or Linked In. You can add subtitles in the black area below the video and above it, you can add a title and also add an effect to change the colour of the wording as the video run-time progresses.

Vertical 9.16 videos ideal for Stories – this is a widescreen video flipped on its end and used for Instagram Stories and, if your accounts are linked, Facebook Stories too. There is a limit to the run-time of a video, 15 seconds, so this might work as a teaser for the full video to get people wanting to watch. The video can be cropped to fit the aspect ratio, as in our example, or it can be a widescreen video shrunk like the “Meme” style video above and can have other shots from the video above and below it.

So next time your video is ready to go out, have you formatted it to make the most of the different social media platforms and their video players?

If you want to maximize your video like this, talk to us and we can add the service onto your shoot for a small cost.


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