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Visual Communication

As the saying goes a single image can say a thousand words. What you show in a frame and how you show it says something and audiences respond to that on a conscious and sub conscious level. A striking image can last with you for days whilst words tend to get over used, especially in corporate communication, in which business values try to work with artistic sensibilities to communicate a message to a target audience.

In script writing for drama projects we are constantly reminded to show not tell. What if we applied this more to corporate communication? Instead of talking heads is there a way you could show your message?

For example, Silvertip Films met with an independent PR company recently who enquired about a video to promote their services. Typically such videos could include a presenter or the business owner talking about themselves. However this company had done remarkable things, organised large events to launch products, gained international press coverage for a client, etc. It would be easy to say these things but we suggested show these things instead. Take a camera to the event, show press clippings and have a simple call to action at the end like ‘this could be you, call us and we can make it happen’.

We live in an age in which people want to know things in short burst of information, such as a tweet 140 characters to say what’s on your mind.

What could you say with 140 seconds?

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