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What is the IDEA FACTORY? ? ?
It’s a monthly feature we’re running which is designed to inspire ideas for the creation of video content in your business! They’ll be themed around monthly events which can be good opportunities to reach customers with time specific content.
One idea will be more “traditional” in style and the other will be more off the wall and out there.
If you want help making this content or just want us to make it for you, get in touch, we’re here to help.
Thinking of making some videos for your business for March? Here’s a few ideas to help get that content made…
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Come March we are (supposedly) free from the hardships of winter and able to be released back out into the wild outdoors!
???? ?????:How does your product promote freedom? Starting with a client/customer locked away indoors (rainy day outside etc). Opens the front door of their home revealing a new (sunny!) day where they are free to enjoy what the start of spring can do for mood/happiness!
How does your product/service fit? Perhaps its outdoor clothing? Cycling services? Outdoor days out?
Out and about in West Sussex on the Visit Horsham District project…
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March 5th is Employee Appreciation Day and is a great way to spread messages about your business’s ethos by celebrating an unsung hero within your company.
???? ?????: A ‘day in the life’ themed video that follows one of your staff members throughout their working day showcasing what they get up to that a client or customer may not necessarily know about or see when they purchase your products. This can be filmed semi-cinematically to add to what could be less visually interesting.
Accompanied with their voice over explaining what they do, the business and how what they do is linked to what the customer receives.
This semi emotive piece is great to softly explain your business and market your products, whilst also showing the human side to your business heighten a customer’s bond to your company!
We see the customer taking advantage of their freedom with your product with scenic outdoor shots promoting your product inline with the idea of adventure.
A staff member interview as part of the Coast to Capital business promo videos…
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Did you know March 8th is International Woman’s Day?
This year’s overall theme is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’.
What is your business consciously (or unconsciously) doing to promote gender equality within the workplace?
Perhaps March 8th could be the perfect day to shout about it! Or perhaps you as a business want to thank women for their contribution to today’s society.
What videos are you working on for your next few weeks of content output? Tag us on them, would love to see what you are doing.
If you want to talk video with us, feel free to get in touch!
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video production company west sussex

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