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Take your next event, seminar or gig online with live streaming services and an edited live multi camera shoot…

When lockdown came into effect and every live event we were lined up to film was cancelled, we realised things were going to change for the foreseeable future…

We soon started to see a growth in the use of Zoom for video calls and conferences and seminars going virtual and taking place online. Music events streamed online and the audience watched from home…things were incorporating video more than ever to enable them to happen.

Around this time, we saw the Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro was releasing and decided we needed it for our in-house equipment line up!

This little device enables up to 4 cameras or a mix of cameras and laptop/ipad/etc feeds to be inputted and then live edited and streamed online to your site of choice.

With so many events turning into online events, this equipment enables us to take event production up a level. So rather than a zoom seminar, have a professionally filmed and edited stream. Rather than filming a gig on a mobile – recreate that feeling of watching a show with multiple camera angles, edited live.

multi camera live edit

Some of the features of the setup include…

  • The Atem Mini Pro can have 4 cameras run into it live and these can either be static or manned by camera operators. Events could be filmed by just a single camera or be fully covered with operated cameras. We can add the option of talkback between the director and camera operators, meaning they can be given instructions for what to film and when – enabling perfect shots to be got for the stream.
  • Remove a camera and have an input from a laptop to have a separate feed of a PowerPoint presentation, pre-made video content, photo slideshow etc. This can be cut to when required or used with the Picture-in-Picture option so you can be still seen whilst talking over a full screen image of the content.
  • Pre-loaded images can be added to the Atem Mini Pro and cut to during the live stream. For example if a new speaker is coming on stage, a screen can be cut to during the switch over on stage.
  • The AMP records the TX (transmission) edit which is streamed so it can be used on other sites, edited into other content etc

We recently used the setup to film and stream singer/songwriter Tim Newman at The Rec Rooms in Horsham.

live streaming

With all live music performances cancelled, The Rec Rooms needed to find a way of keeping their events going and keeping an income stream flowing. By streaming the performances, they achieved this. Most shows were either mobile streams or Zoom recordings but this shoot with Tim Newman stepped up the production levels and offered a fantastic online show to the audience.

In September 2020, we did an operated multi-camera live stream at the new Rec2 venue in Horsham for 80s rock cover band Iron Tyger. This event utilized the Pay To View feature on Facebook as well.

Here’s a short video of the team getting set up for the Iron Tyger live stream…

The Horsham Film Festival 2021 launched with a multi-camera setup for a live chat event. Covered by 4 cameras, one on each speaker and a wide shot, edited live and streamed to an audience on Facebook, asking questions for the panel during the event.

multi camera live streaming

We have the cameras in-house and the streaming solution to take your next event online in a frankly awesome way.

There’s a couple of options available regarding equipment set ups depending on your budget, with a minimum two man crew to set up and run all the equipment.

Read our Live Streaming services document HERE which details the options for set ups and costings.

So if you’d like to discuss covering your next event or even turning a planned event into a filmed virtual one, get in touch and let’s talk!

Take a look at the live streamed chat we ran with filmmaker and author Paul Dudbridge, in partnership with his publisher Michael Weise Productions.


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